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sddd | 15-07-2017, 20:48 | 116 | 0
Portal Knights Update v1.1-CODEX
Read for information on updated content!
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Developer: Keen Games
Publisher: 505 Games
Release Name: Portal.Knights.Update.v1.1-CODEX
Size: 185 MB
sddd | 15-07-2017, 20:46 | 107 | 0
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Genre: Action
Developer: Meteorise , HONEY∞PARADE GAMES
Publisher: Marvelous
Size: 7.41 MB
sddd | 15-07-2017, 18:42 | 118 | 0
Bunny Hop League Update v1.1.5-BAT
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Genre: Indie
Developer: PolyDigital
Publisher: PolyDigital
Release Name: Bunny.Hop.League.Update.v1.1.5-BAT
Size: 350 MB
sddd | 15-07-2017, 18:38 | 129 | 0
Dead Purge Outbreak-CODEX
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Microlith Games
Publisher: Microlith Games
Release Name: Dead.Purge.Outbreak-CODEX
Size: 2.60 GB

You are one of the few who have survived the outbreak of an epidemic disease that infected most of the world's population and now you must fight for the survival of humanity. Purge never-ending waves of vicious zombie hordes, scavenge for supplies, research new skills and improve your equipment. Use sniper rifles with high velocity ammo, accurate assault rifles, rapid fire submachine guns, shotguns with huge bullet spread or melee weapons designed for close quarter combat to kill the undead.
sddd | 15-07-2017, 18:26 | 143 | 0
Rocket League Anniversary Update v1.36-PLAZA
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Genre: Action, Indie, Racing, Sports
Developer: Psyonix, Inc.
Publisher: Psyonix, Inc.
Release Name: Rocket.League.Anniversary.Update.v1.36-PLAZA
Size: 606MB
sddd | 14-07-2017, 01:30 | 0 | 0
Hyposphere Delux v1.1-HI2U
Genre: Casual, Indie
Developer: Atum Software
Publisher: Sometimes You
Release Name: Hyposphere.Delux.v1.1-HI2U
Size: 1.36 GB

"Si vous aimez le mélange du mini-golf et des jeux de plateformes, si vous adorez quand un jeu est extra-beau à rendre jaloux la Joconde, si en plus vous ne savez pas résister quand le jeu n'est pas cher et qu'il a une tonne de niveaux, alors n'attendez pas. Le jeu Hyposphere est disponible maintenant sur Steam, n'hésitez pas à le prendre !"
sddd | 14-07-2017, 01:29 | 0 | 0
Conarium Update v1.0.0.5-CODEX
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Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Zoetrope Interactive
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Release Name: Conarium.Update.v1.0.0.5-CODEX
Size: 482 MB
sddd | 14-07-2017, 01:22 | 0 | 0
No70 Eye of Basir Update v20170712-CODEX
For list of changes read included
Genre:Adventure, Indie
Developer:Oldmoustache Gameworks
Publisher:Artcom FZC
Release Name:No70.Eye.of.Basir.Update.v20170712-CODEX
Size: 233 MB
sddd | 13-07-2017, 14:41 | 0 | 0
Dinosis Survival v1.01 Update-SKIDROW
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Genre:Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Developer:Corpix Games
Publisher:Corpix Games
Release Name: Dinosis.Survival.v1.01.Update-SKIDROW
Size: 25.5 MB
sddd | 13-07-2017, 14:39 | 0 | 0
Thin Judgment-DARKSiDERS
Genre: Casual, Indie
Developer: James Roll
Publisher: James Roll
Release Name: Thin.Judgment-DARKSiDERS
Size: 504 MB

Thin Judgment sets you in front of a conveyor belt. Many things appear on the line. Ranging from spare change and suspiciously clean food, to gold bars and sentient little-paper-people that have a tendency to explode. Try not to die - avoid explosions, being "fired," mind what you're picking up, and remember to eat after working hard.